Inside the Geopolitics of a Hungry Planet

Inside the Geopolitics of a Hungry Planet

Welcome to FP’s first-ever food issue in which we travel across this hungry planet of ours at a time when skyrocketing prices are dictating politics from the Middle East to Madagascar. The special section, which travels from the yuppies who’ve appropriated the miracle food of the Incas to a darkened kitchen in Baghdad where women battered by war came together to celebrate life, explores the food wars of the 21st century, debunks the conventional wisdom about hunger and poverty, shows us 10 ways we really are what we eat, and asks leading experts to predict the future of food.


  • Eat, Drink, Protest
    By Annia Ciezadlo

  • 1 Billion People Are Hungry
    By Abhijit Banerjee and Esther Duflo

  • The Baguettes of War
    By Anna Badkhen

  • Street Eats
    An FP Slide Show

  • The 21st-century Food Wars
    By Lester R. Brown

  • How Food Explains the World
    By Joshua E. Keating


FP's Exclusive New Ebook: Revolution in the Arab World

Rising Up
An FP Slide Show

Street Eats
Photos of the World Dining on the Move