‘El Monstruo’: The cartels have a tank

‘El Monstruo’: The cartels have a tank

This item from Jalopnik on the Mexican drug cartels’ latest hardware achievement should add some fuel to the debate over whether Mexico’s drug war is, in fact, an actual war:

The Blog Del Narco reports that the tank was captured two weeks ago after a firefight outside Ciudad Mier in northern Mexico. The vehicle had a top speed of 68 mph, and could carry 12 people — but had no side shielding for its tires, which ultimately led to its end.

It’s not the first time the drug cartels have turned to armored vehicles to augment their forces; this heavy-duty armored truck was captured last year. And Mexican officials have said they expect similar monsters are already lurking in the countryside.

Between the Mexican cartels’ building tanks, Colombian drug smugglers making homemade submarines, and the gonzo mechanic genius of Libya’s rebels, is it possible that the world predicted in Mad Max has actually come to pass and no one noticed?