Where to live if you want to live to 110

Where to live if you want to live to 110

A Brazilian woman with the title of oldest person in the world died yesterday. Maria Gomes Valentim was just two weeks shy of her 115th birthday. For those keeping track, the new oldest person in the world is an American, Besse Cooper, who is 48 days younger than Valentim.

According to the Gerontology Research Group, which tracks supercentenarians — people older than 110 — there are 87 known people in the world who fit that description.  

Foreign Policy crunched the numbers to figure out the countries in the world with the most supercentenarians.

33 – Japan

20 – United States

11 – Italy

10 – United Kingdom

6 – France

3 – Belgium

1 each in Australia, Barbados, German, and Portugal


And the five oldest people on the planet today:

1.       Besse Cooper, born Aug. 26, 1896 (American)

2.       Chiyono Hasegawa, born Nov. 20, 1896 (Japanese)

3.       Venere Pizzinato-Papo, born Nov. 23, 1896 (Italian)

4.       Shige Hirooka, born Jan. 16, 1897 (Japanese)

5.       Dina Manfredini, born April 4, 1897 (American, though born in Italy)