Website of the day: ‘I love Bagram’

Website of the day: ‘I love Bagram’

A great list of reasons to love the dusty airbase north of Kabul. This sort of thing used to be graffiti on latrine walls, but now it is on line, which makes it easier to read, and far less odorous.

Some of my faves:

23. XXXL Air Force PT shirts
62. The never ending upper respitory infection.
466. Sticking it to the man by taking more than 2 drinks from the DFAC.
65. The contractors with their beards who think they are part of the Special Ops community.
302. Soldiers that weigh 250 pounds and complain about fat contractors.
524. My co-worker who insists I yell ‘Fatality’ when I kill mice that infiltrate our tent.
78. Finding out the number one place people go to secretly have sex is the dumpster.
231. Contractors who complain how rough their lives are on “ilovebagram.com.”
554. The look on field grade officers faces when you great them with a crisp salute and the daily greeting of “Sniper check!”
36. This website
132. Because ilovebagram.com is blocked on work computers.
424. So you say the Russians abandoned this base. I wonder why?

(HT to the guys in partying down in Chagcharan)