Murdoch attacked with a foam pie during testimony

Murdoch attacked with a foam pie during testimony

Today’s proceedings were interrupted for ten minutes after a man who was sitting in the fourth row of the audience "calmly walked up" to Rupert Murdoch and splattered him with a foam pie, yelling "Greedy."

Murdoch’s wife Wendi leaped up and attacked the man. One Guardian reporter in the room tweeted: "Wendi can throw quite a punch."

She is the woman in the pinkish jacket in the below video who is leaping over other people to intersect the attacker:


On Twitter, a self-described anarchist, activist, and comedian who goes by Johnnie Marbles is claiming responsibility.

"It is a far better thing that I do now than I have ever done before #splat"

Earlier, he tweeted:

"I’m actually in this committee and can confirm: Murdoch is Mr. Burns."


"Rupert Murdoch appears to be going senile #hackgate"

The man was handcuffed and dragged out of the committee room.