Poll: Americans are still cool

Poll: Americans are still cool

It might be the end of American hegemony in the global political and economic order, but unemployed and underpaid Americans can at least take heart at today’s news.

Social networking site conducted a poll of 30,000 people in 15 countries to name the coolest nationality. Surprise! – despite a sinking economy, pathetic politics, and increasingly suspect pop culture exports — Americans are still number 1.

According to Reuters, the top ten coolest nationalities are:

1. Americans
2. Brazilians
3. Spanish
4. Italians
5. French
6. British
7. Dutch
8. Mexicans
9. Argentinians
10. Russians

The five least cool?

1. Belgians
2. Poles
3. Turks
4. Canadians
5. Germans

According to Reuters:

"We hear a lot in the media about anti-Americanism," says Lloyd Price, Badoo’s Director of Marketing. "But we sometimes forget how many people across the world consider Americans seriously cool."

"America," says Price, "boasts the world’s coolest leader, Obama; the coolest rappers, Jay-Z and Snoop Dogg; and the coolest man in technology, Steve Jobs of Apple, the man who even made geeks cool."

It’s unknown how Obama’s coolness factors into his job approval ratings by Americans – the most recent polls say that more than half of the country disapproves of him as leader of the pack.