Shadow Government event: Is U.S. global leadership worth the price?

Shadow Government event: Is U.S. global leadership worth the price?

On Saturday, Oct. 15, we will hold our second "Shadow Government Live Event," and all our readers are invited. Foreign Policy magazine and The Alexander Hamilton Society are co-sponsoring a Shadow Government panel discussion and reception in the L. Welch Pogue Room, Offices of Jones Day, 300 New Jersey Avenue, NW, 7th Floor in Washington, DC.

The festivities will run from 3 to 4:30 p.m., followed by a reception, and we will discuss what Shadow Government curator Peter Feaver has argued will be one of the main foreign policy questions of the 2012 presidential campaign: Is U.S. global leadership worth the price?

The panel, moderated by Foreign Policy‘s own Susan Glasser, will feature Shadow Government contributors Jamie Fly (Foreign Policy Initiative), Michael Green (Georgetown University & CSIS), Mary Habeck (Johns Hopkins University, SAIS), William Inboden (University of Texas at Austin), and Kristen Silverberg (former Ambassador to the EU).

Space is limited, so please register here as soon as you can.

This "Shadow Government Live Event" is part of a full-day conference sponsored by The Alexander Hamilton Society, a new, national organization dedicated to promoting constructive debate on basic principles and contemporary issues in foreign, economic, and national security policy. Shadow Government readers are welcome to attend the entire conference, compliments of Foreign Policy. Please take a look at the full agenda, and contact Mitchell Muncy, the Hamilton executive director, with questions.

The conversation on Oct. 15 should be great fun. We hope to see you there (especially our faithful, if, alas, usually critical, anonymous commenters!).