Finally, a foreign-policy debate for the GOP candidates

Finally, a foreign-policy debate for the GOP candidates

The GOP presidential primary has been short on foreign-policy discussions — and the candidates have flubbed basic facts on the rare occasion they have addressed the topic. But the American Enterprise Institute and the Heritage Foundation are working with CNN to provide voters with a greater insight into the candidates’ views by hosting a foreign-policy focused debate next month in Washington.

"We hope that this debate will illuminate the candidates’ positions on national security and foreign policy at a critical time for America in the world," said AEI President Arthur Brooks, in a press release today.

Here are some of the questions we’ll be looking to get answered in the debate.

For Mitt Romney: Why does he think the reset policy with Russia "has to end," and how does he explain his record of outsourcing jobs to other countries, like China?

For Rick Perry: Does he want to stay in Afghanistan longer than the president or not? How would he fix an Israel policy that he has called, "naïve, arrogant, misguided, and dangerous?" And has he figured out yet how he would deal with a rogue, nuclear armed Pakistan?

For Herman Cain: Did he ever learn the name of the president of "Ubeki-beki-beki-beki-stan-stan?" Will he tell us who his foreign policy advisors are, if they exist? Also, did he ever figure out who are these mysterious "neoconservatives?" (Hint, see your debate hosts.)

For Jon Huntsman: How did he forget that we have a strategic dialogue with China, one that he participated in directly?

For Michelle Bachmann: Does she really think the Arab Spring is a negative development that Obama caused by "demonstrating weakness" and putting "a lot of daylight in our relationship with our ally Israel?"

For Newt Gingrich: Why was he for the United Nations before he was against it? And why did he call for a no-fly zone in Libya before criticizing Obama for intervening?

For Ron Paul: Does he really want to pull all U.S. troops out of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan immediately and what does he think would happen next? 

For Rick Santorum: Nothing, we already know what he thinks about this stuff.

The debate will be on Nov. 15 at 8 PM. The venue has not yet been announced.