Graham: GOP candidates need to “step up their game” on foreign policy

Graham: GOP candidates need to “step up their game” on foreign policy

Certain GOP presidential candidates, such as Herman Cain, need to "step up their game" and prove that they know enough about foreign policy to be president, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) told The Cable.

"There are individual candidates that need to step up their game," Graham said on Tuesday, when asked about Cain’s cringe-worthy interview on Monday with the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel on Libya.

"Each candidate has to demonstrate for the public that they’re ready for the job. And no one expects a person who hasn’t been commander-in-chief before to know everything about every topic, but Libya? I think it’s fair to ask our candidates to articulate a position," Graham said. "Cain has got to convince people that he’s got the depth of knowledge [to be president]."

Graham compared Cain’s mission to that of candidate Barack Obama in 2007, when people doubted Obama’s foreign policy bona fides. In that case, Obama managed to convince the electorate that he had enough foreign-policy knowledge to handle the issues.

Graham, who just wrote a big National Review article on Obama’s foreign policy, also said that felt good about the Nov. 12 CBS/National Journal GOP debate on foreign policy, because all of the leading contenders unified around a basically hawkish agenda and didn’t succumb to the wing of the GOP that is advocating for more isolationist policies.

"Six months ago, I was worried about this unpopularity of Iraq and Afghanistan changing the party’s historical position of shaping the world," Graham said. "After Saturday’s debate I feel more reassured that we’re going back to the party of Reagan."

"[Jon] Huntsman and Ron Paul have a legitimate view, but it’s not the mainstream view of the Republican Party," Graham said. "The national security debate was well received by many [in the GOP]. It was a hawkish debate."