After State Department, Clinton looks forward to grandkids

After State Department, Clinton looks forward to grandkids

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is constantly rumored to be considering a run for the presidency in 2016, but the only title she will openly admit to seeking is "grandma."

"What are the chances in 2013 we see Hillary Clinton go from Secretary of State to grandma?" Clinton was asked in an April 1 interview in Turkey with ABC.

"Well, that’s really not up to me, but I would like to have that title. I will certainly tell you that’s a title I would be proud to have," Clinton responded. "I think I’d be pretty good, but I won’t know till I try."

The interviewer asked her if she relished the transition from chasing world leaders to diaper duty.

"Well, you’re making it seem like there are certain characteristics in common with both enterprises, but I am looking forward to a return to private life," Clinton said while laughing.

That won’t quite satisfy the long list of public figures calling on Clinton to take a run at the presidency again in 2016, including House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), who publicly called for such a move yesterday.

But Clinton said again April 1 that she will not run for president in 2016 in an interview with NBC.

"It’s very flattering, but I’m not at all planning to do that. I have no desire or intention," she said. "I want to do the best job I can as the Secretary of State for this President. I want to then take some time to get reconnected to the stuff that makes life worth living – family, friends, the sort of activities that I enjoy. And I’ll do some writing and some speaking and I’m sure I’ll be continuing to advocate on these issues."