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Syria Is Not a Problem from Hell

But if we don't act quickly, it will be.


Battleship Earth

Does the Pentagon have the right weapons to fight off an alien invasion?


Google Confronts the Great Firewall

In the second clash between the Internet search giant and the Chinese government, will freedom of speech win?


Who gets a visit from Putin?

Russian President Vladimir Putin doesn't choose his foreign visits lightly. On May 31, Putin makes his first trip abroad since being inaugurated for a third ...


States of Emergency

The surprising electoral success of Ahmed Shafiq has many Egyptians worried about the Mubarak-era elite holding on to power, but at least one vestige of ...


Grexit? Spexit? Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off

Everyone wants southern Europe's troubled economies to go their own way, except for the people who live there.


Target: Iran

A closer look at the six facilities that could mean the difference between war and peace.


Kill the Kill List

The Obama administration is grossly misreading international law when it comes to targeting terrorists.

The South Asia Channel

Hafiz Mohammad Saeed: The outsourcing of extraordinary rendition?

Several weeks ago, the United States government placed a $10 million bounty on the head of Hafiz Mohammad Saeed as part of the State Department's ...


Losing Polio

Did the CIA ruin our chance to eradicate one of the world's worst diseases?

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