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Syria Is Not a Problem from Hell

Nothing to be done. It's impossible. Stalemate at the United Nations. These are the mantras that continue to accompany ever more violent and wrenching pictures ...

The List

Battleship Earth

As summer blockbuster season kicks into high gear, big-budget action movies like The Avengers, Battleship, and Prometheus remind us that there's one thing that unites ...


Google Confronts the Great Firewall

For centuries, the Yangtze River -- the longest in Asia -- has played an important role in China's history, culture, and economy. The Yangtze is ...


Who gets a visit from Putin?

Russian President Vladimir Putin doesn't choose his foreign visits lightly. On May 31, Putin makes his first trip abroad since being inaugurated for a third ...


States of Emergency

The surprising electoral success of Ahmed Shafiq has many Egyptians worried about the Mubarak-era elite holding on to power, but at least one vestige of ...


Grexit? Spexit? Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off

One thing we've learned as the euro crisis has unfolded is that the enthusiasm of experts in London and New York for offering advice to ...

The List

Target: Iran

Iran's quest to develop nuclear energy dates back to 1957, when the United States began sending low-enriched uranium and nuclear technology to ally Shah Mohammed ...


Kill the Kill List

Earlier this week, the New York Times published a stunning front-page article by Jo Becker and Scott Shane that portrays U.S. President Barack Obama as ...

The South Asia Channel

Hafiz Mohammad Saeed: The outsourcing of extraordinary rendition?

Several weeks ago, the United States government placed a $10 million bounty on the head of Hafiz Mohammad Saeed as part of the State Department's ...


Losing Polio

Last week, a Pakistani doctor was sentenced by his government to three decades in prison for actions that helped the United States kill Osama bin ...

Kerry Tells European Envoys U.N. Action on Palestine Can Wait till Israeli Election

Kerry Tells European Envoys U.N. Action on Palestine Can Wait till Israeli Election

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