Kim Jong Un brings salt water to North Korea’s dolphins

Kim Jong Un brings salt water to North Korea’s dolphins

North Korea’s state-run Rodong news service reports on what is surely a wise and prudent use of state resources, bringing seawater to Pyongyang:

Leader Kim Jong Il unrolled a plan to bring seawater from Nampho to Pyongyang for solving the issue of drinking water for the citizens of the capital city and providing good conditions for their cultural and emotional life. When its first phase project was wound up, he showed deep loving care and trust in the model units, officials and other working people engaged in the project.

The dear respected Kim Jong Un acquainted himself with the second phase project of the Nampho-Pyongyang seawater pipeline in December last year and clearly indicated the orientation and ways for completing the project on the occasion of the centenary of the birth of President Kim Il Sung.

Officials and other working people, scientists and technicians carried out vast tasks for laying pipelines extending more than dozens of km and constructing seawater reservoir, pond and pumping stations in a matter of one year.

The completion of the project makes it possible to bring great benefit to the country by disinfecting water by seawater and satisfactorily supply seawater to the Pyongyang Dolphin Aquarium and the Aquarium in the Central Zoo and thus contribute to the cultural and emotional life of the people.

No word on whether the dolphins are connected in any way to the alleged manned torpedo program

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