Greek far-right spokesman assaults rival on TV

Greek far-right spokesman assaults rival on TV

If Greece’s Golden Dawn party is looking to change its prevailing image as a cadre of neo-Nazi thugs, spokesman Ilias Kasidiaris evidently didn’t get the memo

What was a heated debate over the June 17 elections descended into chaos when Kasidiaris threw a glass of water at the female leftist party member, Rena Dourou, calling her a "joke".

As other participants watched in stunned silence, Communist party deputy Liana Kanelli intervened on her behalf, throwing a newspaper at Kasidiaris, who called her a "commie", stood up, pushed her and hit her hard in the face.

Kasidiaris was locked in a room in the TV studio but broke down the door and escaped police are now looking for him. 

This isn’t the first incident of on-camera violent intimidation by Golden Dawn. In a press conference after the party’s surprise victory in the May elections, guards forcibly expelled journalists who refused to stand for party leader Nikolaos Michaloliakos.