Decline Watch: GM drops Super Bowl advertising for Manchester United

Decline Watch: GM drops Super Bowl advertising for Manchester United

Last month, General Motors announced that it would not be advertising in this year’s Super Bowl, because of the high prices charged by network CBS. But as the Detroit Free Press reports, the company isn’t pulling out of sports advertising, it’s just looking further afield: 

General Motors, which said earlier this month it would not advertise in next year’s Super Bowl, plans to announce today a broad marketing and sponsorship plan with the Manchester United soccer team, a person familiar with GM’s plans confirmed.

The deal would give GM major visibility alongside a soccer team that has a worldwide following — and it would fit with the automaker’s strategy of making Chevrolet and Cadillac strong global brands.[…]

Manchester United, one of the most successful clubs in English soccer, released a survey Tuesday conducted by Kantar Media Compete that showed it has 659 million followers throughout the world. But about 89.2% of its fans are located outside the Americas, the survey found. The team is particularly popular in Asia, where it has 325 million followers. It also boasts 173 million in the Middle East and Africa.

As Yiping Yang notes, Chevy will be sponsoring two Man U games in China this summer as part of the deal. 

It seems like a good idea on paper, but has anyone told them how few commercial breaks there are in a soccer game?