Defending Jane Mayer

Defending Jane Mayer

Torture fan Marc Thiessen continues his war on American values in a response to Jane Mayer’s recent takedown of him in the New Yorker.

His exhibit A: Hey, the former director of the CIA agrees with me! A lot of his other stuff is similar evidence of a “dog bites man” nature. 

He concludes that Mayer has made a career of spinning the torture narrative. Actually, Marc, she had a career long before that. She just happened to be appalled by you and your panicky pals and rightly focused on the damage you all have done to the country. I believe that more has been done than is publicly known.

I really do believe in civility and tolerance. But people who undermine our country, its values, and its standing in the world are close to the edge for me.

There’s more here, but I feel like I have to go take a shower. (HT on this link to Mr. Andrew Sullivan)