What are you allowed to ship to Cuba?

What are you allowed to ship to Cuba?

One exception to the U.S.-Cuba embargo is "family aid," goods shipped to individuals in Cuba by relatives in America. But there are exceptions, as Mimi Whitefield reports

Flat-screen TVs, Froot Loops cereal, washing machines, laptops, bedroom sets. No problem.

But air conditioners, a power lawn mower, clothes dryers, even an above-ground swimming pool are rejects. The Cuban government has nixed these items since International Port Corp. began a humanitarian shipping service to the island from its Miami River terminal in July.[…]

The government will accept fans but not air conditioning units. Clothes washers are fine but not energy-gobbling dryers, said Sanchez. While bicycles are popular items to ship, the Cubans recently said no to a motorcycle chassis and a car transmission.

Overall, the restrictions seemed aimed at keeping energy-guzzling appliances from overtaxing Cuba’s strained power grid.