Yao Ming visits Africa, makes everything look tiny

Yao Ming visits Africa, makes everything look tiny

Former NBA player and Chinese superstar Yao Ming has a new gig as a goodwill ambassador for the nonprofit organization WildAid, who recently brought him to Kenya to make all of our photo dreams come true “document the poaching crisis facing rhinos and elephants, as a result of Asian demand for rhino horn and ivory.” One unintended consequence of his visit was to make everything in the country appear comically small. 

Above, he towers over a baby elephant named Kinango, whose mother was killed by ivory poachers. “He pushes against me partly for contact, but also testing his strength,” Yao writes on his blog.

But Yao isn’t just surrounded by tiny elephants. He’s also accompanied by a number of diminuitive elderly men.

You can read more about Yao’s adventures in Africa on his blog.