Barack Obama’s foreign policy, by the numbers

Barack Obama’s foreign policy, by the numbers

During national security night at the Democratic convention on Thursday evening, we heard a lot about how Barack Obama has navigated international affairs. But what do those actions look like in practice? Here’s a quick rundown of some of the numbers underlying his foreign policy over the past four years:

Reported drone strikes* in Pakistan: 282

Estimated militant casualities in Pakistani drone strikes (range): 1,349 – 2,330

Estimated civilian** casualties in Pakistani drone strikes (range): 37 – 52

Numbers of prisoners at Guantánamo Bay in 2009: 242

Number of prisoners at Guantánamo in 2012: 168

Troops withdrawn from Iraq: 142,000

U.S. casualties in Iraq: 264

Size of Afghan troop surge: 33,000

U.S. casualties in Afghanistan: 1,484

Number of nuclear warheads U.S. can deploy in 7 years under New START: 1,550

Free trade agreements: 3

Countries visited by U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton: 108

Confidence in Obama in Europe (2009 – 2012): 86% – 80%

Confidence in Obama in Muslim countries (2009 – 2012): 33% – 24%

Confidence in Obama in Russia (2009 – 2012): 37% – 36%

Confidence in Obama in China (2009 – 2012): 62% – 38% 



* Drone strikes are tallied starting from Obama’s inauguration on Jan. 20, 2009.

** These estimates do not include victims who were not identified in media reports as either militants or civilians.