Iran warns citizens of the dangers of travel to Canada

Iran warns citizens of the dangers of travel to Canada

A through-the-looking-glass moment form Iran’s foreign ministry, as reported by the CBC:

Iran’s foreign ministry says "Islamphobia" and "Iranophobia" are growing in Canada and Iranians who come to Canada could face possible arrest, attacks, expulsion and murder.

The government also warns Iranians to be careful not to walk into traps laid by criminal groups.

"Given the fact that Iran has no longer an embassy in Canada and some anti-Iranian groups in the country have a good opportunity to take revenge on the Iranian nationals, the nationals should be vigilant about the issue," the Tehran Times reported.

Apparently, Iran’s foreign ministry also said that Iranians in Canada have lost the right to access their bank accounts to "do ordinary transactions."

Canada shut down its Tehran embassy and expelled Iran’s remaining diplomats earlier this month over Iranian support for Bashar al-Assad’s regime in Syria.

According to government data from 2006, 121,510 people of Iranian descent live in Canada — the country’s 10th largest non-European, non-Native American ethnic group. 

Not everyone’s quite so concerned about the growing tention. When President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad was asked about Iran-Canada relations by a CBC reporter in New York this week, he replied, "I fundamentally don’t see this as a very important issue." So there.