Golden Dawn still elevating the debate

Golden Dawn still elevating the debate

Last time we caught up with Ilias Kasidiaris, Greek MP and spokesman for the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party, he was assaulting a woman on a TV debate show for not agreeing with him. Today, he apparently caused a scene in parliament during a debate with the center-left PASOK party, part of the governing coalition, calling former Prime Minsiter George Papandreou "only 25 percent Greek" and accused a senior defense ministry official of having humiliated the country. (Papandreo’s mother was American and one of his great grandparents  on his father’s side was Polish.)

When a PASOK spokeman accused Kasidiaris of spouting "fascist trash" and running paramilitary assault squads to attack immigrants, Gold Dawn MPs began shouting and the session was suspended. 

Between this, the racially-segregated blood drives,  and MPs allegedly attacking migrant workers, Golden Dawn’s time in government so far has been about whate everyone expected.

Hat Tip: Open Europe and Joanna Kakissis.