Yoani Sanchez arrested

Yoani Sanchez arrested

Cuba’s best known political blogger and frequent FP contributor Yoani Sanchez was arrested today after traveling to Eastern Cuba. Reuters reports:

Sanchez, and husband Reinaldo Escobar, were said to have been detained on Thursday in Bayamo, where officials feared they were going to provoke a "media show" around the trial, according to the reports.[…]

She, her husband and other dissidents apparently were on their way to Bayamo for the trial of Spaniard Angel Carromero, who is charged with two counts of vehicular manslaughter for the July 22 death of prominent dissident Oswaldo Paya and his colleague Harold Cepero.


Sanchez was tweeting from the road yesterday and reported being stopped several times by police to fumigate the car for mosquitoes. 

Earlier this year, she was denied permission by authorities to travel abroad — the 19th time she had been turned down. Sanchez wrote late last year about how the government’s unease in the wake of the Arab Spring had made life more difficult for journalists on the island.