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The President and the World

The President and the World

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

The results are in, and Barack Obama will return for a second term as president of the United States.

But as Joe Biden might say, gird your loins: A victorious Obama faces a world of trouble, from a China determined to challenge U.S. primacy in the Pacific to an Iran that shows few signs of buckling in the face of international pressure to an Arab world still very much in the throes of upheaval and chaos. America’s adversaries are looking for any hints of weakness. And its friends and allies will be demanding leadership from a U.S. president who has been consumed with his own re-election for the past 18 months.

So what now? Foreign Policy asked 14 top analysts to peer beyond Wednesday’s headlines and examine the longer-term issues confronting the United States, from Europe’s debt morass to North Korea’s dangerous nuclear program, sagging U.S. competitiveness to worsening climate change. It’s a daunting list. Is Obama sure he wants the job?


  • Human Rights
    By Kenneth Roth

  • Europe
    By Heather A. Conley

  • National Security
    By James Dobbins

  • Climate Change

    Climate Change
    By Bjørn Lomborg

  • Middle East

    Middle East
    By Shadi Hamid

  • Pakistan

    By C. Christine Fair

  • China
    By Daniel Twining

  • Nuclear Weapons
    By Joe Cirincione

  • Free Trade

    Free Trade
    By Clyde Prestowitz

  • North Korea

    North Korea
    By Joel S. Wit and Jenny Town

  • Latin America
    By Michael Shifter

  • Africa
    By Mvemba Phezo Dizolele

  • Russia
    By Dmitri Trenin

  • India
    By Sadanand Dhume