Cameron hints at immunity for Assad

Cameron hints at immunity for Assad

British prime minister David Cameron strongly suggested today that he’s open to an exit for Syrian strongman Bashar al-Assad that doesn’t include prosecution. Via the Christian Science Monitor:

Britain floated the notion on Tuesday of Syria‘s President Bashar al-Assad leaving power with immunity from prosecution while the opposition said at least 100 more people were killed in the country’s 19-month revolt.

"Anything, anything, to get that man out of the country and to have a safe transition in Syria," British Prime Minister David Cameron told Al Arabiya news network in Abu Dhabi before flying to Saudi Arabia….

"Of course I would favor him facing the full force of international law and justice for what he’s done," Cameron said of Assad. "I am certainly not offering him an exit plan to Britain but if he wants to leave he could leave, that could be arranged."

It was unclear if Cameron had spoken to other UN Security Council members about the idea – which could involve offering Assad immunity from prosecution if he accepted asylum in a third country. Nor was it clear what nation would take him.