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The Global Linguistic Revolution

The world's fastest growing language is no language at all.


What to Read in 2013

Plotting your Kindle downloads for the coming year? From war memoirs to digital manifestos, here are 25 new books that will be hot off the presses in the months ahead.

The Sheathed Sword

Wages of fear 2: hyperbole or prudence?

For more than a year, certain members of the U.S. Congress -- Rep. Buck McKeon, and Sens. Lindsey Graham, John McCain, and Kelly Ayotte -- ...


The Global Races to Watch Next Year

Eight elections that could change the world in 2013.

Turtle Bay

What does 2013 have in store for Turtle Bay?

For starters, the new year will see diplomatic life return to the U.N.’s glistening, landmark headquarters, as the first phase of a $2 billion renovation ...


The Year the Arab Spring Went Bad

Hopes for a democratic Middle East have faltered amid sectarian animosities and ideological divisions. Did it have to be this way?

Marc Lynch

Reflections on Egypt’s Latest Crisis

    or... a requiem for Calvinball With the passage of its controversial constitution through a referendum marred by low turnout, a deeply dysfunctional process, ...

Marc Lynch

The Middle East Channel’s Greatest Hits (2012)

2012 has been a difficult year in the Middle East in many, painfully familiar ways: descent into civil war in Syria, political polarization and frustration ...

Stephen M. Walt

Top 5 parties in world history

So 2012 is coming to an end and you're busy planning how to ring in 2013. Are you aiming to host a world-historical event? If ...

Best Defense

An admiral’s surprising reading list

By Rear Adm. John Kirby Chief of Naval Information Here are 15 books that have made an enormous impact on me, personally and professionally. Indeed, ...

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