Brazilian prison gang holds 10-hour conference call

Brazilian prison gang holds 10-hour conference call

And you thought your company’s meetings were too long. Jack Davis of InsightCrime writes:

A Federal Police recording recently heard by Folha de Sao Paulo involves a 10-hour discussion between five members of the PCC (Primeiro Comando da Capital – PCC) gang. The conversation involved two inmates and three gang members based outside of the prison. According to the newspaper, the talk was all business: topics included trafficking drugs to Paraguay and Bolivia, and the distribution of marijuana and cocaine inside Brazil.

The call, recorded on February 10, 2011, was one of many recorded between October 2010 and May 2012 as part of an ongoing investigation known as Operation Leviatã, targeting organized crime in Sao Paulo. The Ministry of Justice, which is currently processing the recordings, said that on average such conference calls involve four gang members, although recordings illustrate that as many nine gang members have taken part in a single call.

Past 6 hours or so, I’d say it’s not so much a meeting as telecommuting.

Hat tip: Dan Trombly