An explosive scandal in the Caymans

An explosive scandal in the Caymans

When you see a headline about the premier of the Cayman Islands being arrested in a corruption probe, it’s natural to assume it has something to do with the country’s lucrative, but often shady offshore banking sector. And indeed, McKeeva Bush — who essentially acts as the country’s finance minsiter as well as prime minister — has been the target of investigations for financial irregularities for years.

But this particular case turns out to be much more interesting:

The 57-year-old Bush was detained “in connection with a number of ongoing police investigations,” Dougall said in a statement. Those include probes into suspected theft related to misuse of a government credit card and breach of trust for the alleged importation of unspecified explosive substances without valid permits.

I know details are still sketchy, but shouldn’t the illegal explosive substances be a slightly bigger concern than the credit card here?

Bush plans to continue working as the country’s leader as the investigation procedes.