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FAIL: North Korean Satellite Losing Steam

FAIL: North Korean Satellite Losing Steam

The North Korean satellite launched last week to global alarm is already failing and falling from orbit, according to satellite trackers using publicly available military data and software to follow the craft.

The alarm bells sounded in the White House, National Security Council and Pentagon were not so much for Kwangmyongsong 3-2, the satellite, but the massive rocket with two booster stages that threw it into space. That rocket launch, the U.S. fears, lays the groundwork for a potential intercontinental ballistic missile that could someday carry a nuclear warhead, instead of a satellite, all the way to California.

A Pentagon official told the E-Ring the Defense Department would not comment about the status of the satellite, because they do not comment on "intelligence matters."

But a U.S. official tells us, "We haven’t completed our final assessment, but it’s a good chance whatever they put up there is deaf, blind, and mute."

North Korea Tech, a website, explains why they know the craft is failing, based on data released by North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) here.

You can follow the satellite zooming across the Google map via this website.