Daily Archives: January 15, 2013


Al Qaeda Country

Why Mali matters.


Putting Freedom Back on the Agenda

Now is no time for America to go wobbly on democracy.

Gordon Adams

Behind the Rhetoric

The Pentagon starts to manage the defense drawdown.


Maduro vs the economy

Rumors about President Hugo Chávez's health continue unabated. Most are bad for the president, who has not been seen or heard from in more than ...

Micah Zenko

The 3:00 AM Call

Why aren't we asking Hagel about the stuff the SecDef actually does?

Turtle Bay

France: Mali’s ‘existence’ at stake

France's President Francois Hollande today announced plans to increase the number of French troops in Mali, marking an escalation in France's intervention in its former ...

The Complex

Hagel would continue admin’s push for cybersecurity legislation

If he becomes the next secretary of defense, former Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel will continue the Pentagon's push for legislation that establishes cybersecurity standards for ...


Lost Tribes

This Israeli election is not about Bibi. It's about nothing.


Preparing for the New Syria

Sooner or later, the war will end, and Syrians will have to sit down and talk about the future of their state. Here's a roadmap.

The E-Ring

Briefing Bullets: Panetta in Portugal

From Defense Secretary Leon Panetta’s seaside briefing in Lisbon, Portugal: ON MALI: "There is no consideration of putting any American boots on the ground at ...

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