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The AfPak Channel’s Top 10 of 2012

The AfPak Channel’s Top 10 of 2012

Better late than never? We know it’s already halfway through February of 2013, but we’d still like to say congratulations to the authors whose AfPak Channel articles received the most views in 2012. The results reveal that AfPak Channel readers have varied interests — from gender issues in Pakistan to Afghanistan’s uncertain future to the controversy over U.S. drone strikes. If you haven’t already read these, you can get started by following the links below, which are arranged in the order of views received, starting with the most-read.

1.       Pakistan’s almost suicide bombers, by Hussain Nadim

2.       10 lessons the US should learn from Afghanistan’s history, by William Byrd

3.       The once and future civil war in Afghanistan, by Ryan Evans

4.       President Karzai and the secondary sex, by Rachel Reid

5.       Imran Khan’s new Pakistan, by Kiran Nazish

6.       Voice of a native son: Drones may be a necessary evil, by Zmarak Yousefzai

7.       Putting the Afghans in charge, by Roger D. Carstens

8.       Dodging the drones: How militants have responded to the covert U.S. campaign, by Aaron Y. Zelin

9.       The dishonorable defense of honor, by Rabail Baig

10.   Fixing Pakistan’s tanking economy, by David Walters

Big thank you to all of our contributors for their hard work, excellent analysis, and love for all things AfPak.

Jennifer Rowland and Peter Bergen, Editors of the AfPak Channel