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An appalling lack of zombie preparedness in the Great White North

An appalling lack of zombie preparedness in the Great White North

Your humble blogger is taking a vacation at an undisclosed zombie-proof redoubt for the next ten days, so blogging will be on the lighter side. 

Speaking of the lighter side, juuuuuust a few friends and colleagues have informed me that zombie preparedness has become a political issue up in Canada. From BuzzFeed’s Ellie Hall:

The Canadian government has gone on the record about the zombie apocalypse. In an amazing exchange on the floor of the House of Commons today, Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird was asked if he was working to "develop an international zombie strategy so that a zombie invasion does not turn into a zombie apocalypse."

New Democratic Party Parliament Member Pat Martin applauded the United States Center for Disease Control’s emergency preparedness measures premised on a zombie outbreak and wanted to know how Canada would act to protect its citizens.

Here’s the clip: 


For the entirety of Baird’s response, click over to Huffington Post Canada

Now, to be honest, I’m a bit disturbed by this exchange. First of all, there were so many better puns that Baird could have uttered. 

Second of all, both the NDP representative and the Foreign Minister were poorly briefed. Sure, Martin knew about the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and the Quebec government’s counter-zombie efforts, but why no mention of British Columbia’s aggressive campaign against the living dead?! That seems like rank prejudice against Canada’s Western provinces. 

Third, how in the name of all that is reanimated could the Canadians have this debate without discussing Canada’s distinguished contributions to the zombie genre? No mention of Pontypool? No mention of Fido?! Come on!!!

Fourth, the claim that zombies could effortlessly cross borders echoes a leading Canadian perspective on this issue … but where’s the expert testimony? Why no international relations perspective? It’s not like Theories of International Politics and Zombies isn’t available in Canada

This is serious business. Winter has come. The White Walkers could be emigrating down from the North at any moment. Until Canada gets its house in order, secures its strategic maple syrup reserve from waffle-eating ghouls, and starts consulting experts on this issue, I for one, am taking my family south.