The Bullyvarian Revolution: Hugo Chávez’s most memorable insults

The Bullyvarian Revolution: Hugo Chávez’s most memorable insults

It was a key component of Hugo Chávez’s special brand of charisma: the exotic, grandiloquent insult. Chávez was not the only world leader who relished a good — if perhaps, at times, one-sided — fight with los imperialistas, but what made him stand out for so many, including many in the West, was the gusto with which he flung out bombast like "you are a donkey, Mr. Danger" and "go to hell, Yankee shits!" Everyone remembers that Chávez called George W. Bush the devil. But here, we’ve collected some of the less well-known — but no less colorful — insults from the 14-year reign of the Zinger King of Caracas.

Insult: "Puppy dog of the empire."
Insultee: Mexican President Vicente Fox

Insult: "Pitiyanqui," or "Little Yankee"
Insultees: Counterrevolutionaries, or, as the New York Times put it, "the type of Venezuelan who favors shopping sprees in Miami over paying allegiance to the fatherland."

Insults: "Rancid oligarchs" and "Squealing pigs"
Insultees: Opponents of his 1999 constitutional reforms

Insult: "Devils in Vestments"
Insultee: The Catholic Church hierarchy

Insult: "Low-life pig"
Insultee: Opposition candidate Henrique Capriles

Insult: "The lord of war … one of the dogs of the devil."
Insultee: Donald Rumsfeld

Insult: "Poor ignoramus."
Insultee: Barack Obama

Compared to these, maybe Bush got off easy with the "devil."