The missile tests you missed while watching North Korea

The missile tests you missed while watching North Korea

Two nuclear-armed countries conducted missile tests this past week — and neither of them was North Korea. Instead, the missile launches came from nuclear rivals India and Pakistan.

Last Sunday, India fired a medium-range, nuclear-capable Agni-II missile. The missile, which has a range of over 1,200 miles, was launched successfully from Wheeler Island in the Bay of Bengal. Then, on Wednesday, Pakistan tested its own Hatf-IV/Shaheen-I missile. Pakistani officials said the missile successfully hit its target at sea, and demonstrates the country’s ability to deliver a nuclear payload with a range of more than 500 miles.

The dueling missile tests aren’t cause for alarm, though, says Shuja Nawaz, director of the Atlantic Council’s South Asia Center. "These tests are frequent with Islamabad and New Delhi keeping each other informed," he told FP. "Both governments have lowered the rhetoric recently. Pakistan is pausing for elections. So expect no officially sponsored crises."

"Missile tests by India and Pakistan are relatively routine and frequent," added Gary Samore, a former Obama administration WMD czar and now executive director for research at Harvard’s Belfer Center. "We don’t pay much attention to them." So we can all breathe easy — for today at least.