Am I sleeping with my cousin? There’s an app for that

Am I sleeping with my cousin? There’s an app for that

In a country with a population of just 315,281, it turns out it’s not very hard to accidentally hook up with a close relative. 

"Everyone has heard of (or experienced) it when someone goes all in with someone and then later runs into that person at a family gathering some other time," writes the website News of Iceland.

Now, there’s an app for that.

Three enterprising entrepreneurs have used the information from Íslendingabók — a website with a geneological database of more than 700,000 Icelanders, past and present — to make an Android app that allows users to bump phones and find out if their genes are a little too close for comfort before an encounter goes any further (slogan: "Bump the app before you bump in bed").

As the Global Post noted back in 2011, sexual encounters are becoming more anonymous as Iceland becomes increasingly urbanized. Íslendingabók began as a geneological website but has since taken on the additional role of helping couples search for common roots. Presumably, having the site available in app form will make it a bit easier to conduct these incest checks in, say, a bar or at one of those famous volcanic hot springs (couple on the right, above: take note!).

Of course, in Iceland, the question is not whether you’re related — it’s how closely. The new technology leaves up to the user the decision about whether hooking up with a third or fourth cousin is too much. But here’s hoping for a few less awkward Icelandic family reunions this summer.