Special Report

The Power Issue

The Power Issue

This special Power Issue of Foreign Policy gets right to the point: Who has it and what do they do with it? Our report covers power in many forms, with original reporting, exclusive interviews, and more than a few fascinating characters from China to Russia, India to the Middle East — plus an exclusive Power Map of the planet’s 500 most powerful people, from billionaires to bad guys, CEOs to central bankers. We’re calling it “The 0.000007 Percent.”

Our five profiles in power run the gamut from a brand-wielding chief executive to an aircraft-carrier-wielding party leader. From Beijing, John Garnaut goes behind the scenes of Xi Jinping’s accession and shows how China’s new president is playing the dangerous game of using the military as his secret political weapon. Mark Perry, meanwhile, unravels the Hollywood-worthy story of the shadowy life and mysterious death of Imad Mughniyeh, the world’s most famous terrorist not named Osama bin Laden until his assassination several years ago. Ian Bremmer interviews Coca-Cola CEO Muhtar Kent for an entirely different take on soft (drink) power, and James Traub returns to India for a memorable portrait of Rahul Gandhi, the ambivalent heir apparent to the world’s largest democracy. FP Editor in Chief Susan Glasser travels to Moscow to report on the relentless Sergei Lavrov and the blunt logic of Russian power. This issue marks Foreign Policy‘s 200th edition, and we couldn’t think of a more fitting subject to mark the occasion.