Sorry, China, but Native Americans probably aren’t Hunanese

Sorry, China, but Native Americans probably aren’t Hunanese

China’s Global Times – that reliable purveyor of the sublimely ridiculous, the terrifyingly nationalistic, and the just generally offensive — struck again on Wednesday, with a quick nine-paragrapher that may just manage to combine all three offerings in one: "American Indians descend from Hunan, says expert."

The tabloid reports on the findings of Du Gangjian, dean of Hunan University Law School, who, on a recent trip to study Native American tribes in the United States (the article doesn’t specify which ones), made the discovery that "American Indians have many rituals, habits and working tools that are very similar to the ones that exist among Hunan people."

The article goes on:

"The history textbooks in the world should be rewritten," he said.

According to most of the history textbooks, Columbus was the first person to discover the American continent.

Du’s claims rest on the theory that famed Chinese Admiral Zheng He — who accomplished many incredible things, there’s no question! — also made it all the way to the North American continent (a theory also put forth by British writer Gavin Menzies). This he almost certainly did not do.

As Twitter user @BrianGlucroft put it, in reference to the so-called "nine-dashed line" delineating China’s territorial claims in the South China Sea, "Time to add some dashes to that line…"