Turkish protesters have invented a new verb: ‘chapul’

Turkish protesters have invented a new verb: ‘chapul’

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Ergodan hasn’t exactly been conciliatory toward protesters over the past week, condemning "extremists" and "bandits" for trying to destabilize the country. He also strongly objects to Twitter, which he has accused of being the "worst menace to society."

Menace or not, Erdogan’s reference to protesters as "capulcu" (looters) has taken Twitter by storm. Turkish social media users have anglicized the word to "chapul" — and they’re bearing it proudly.

According to one Urban Dictionary definition, chapul is a verb that signifies "resistance to force" — to "demand justice" and "seek one’s right." 

To use the word in a sentence you could say one of the following:


Even Noam Chomsky has gotten in on the action:

It’ll be hard, though, for activists to top this:


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