Meet the Handsome Japanese Reporter Stealing the Show in Bangkok

Meet the Handsome Japanese Reporter Stealing the Show in Bangkok

Just call him the Japanese Anderson Cooper.

With his tight black T-shirt, dashing safety gear, and steely gaze, Fuji Television reporter Daijiro Enami* is a younger, East Asian version of CNN’s famed Silver Fox. Who wouldn’t be distracted from the protests roiling Bangkok by the 28-year-old heartthrob?

The square-jawed Enami, who was in Bangkok this week to cover the weekend elections, has instead found himself the center of attention of those who are less worried about whether violent protests could destroy Thai democracy and more interested in Enami’s height, former swimming career, and marital status. His more fervent fans have even built a Facebook page in his honor.

“Take off your bullet proof vest,” wrote one woman on a Thai message board, according to the Bangkok Post. “I’ll use my body to protect you.”

And who could blame them? The man can pull off a shrapnel helmet:

He’s generous with his time, happily taking selfies with his new fanboys and fangirls:

And on top of that, he’s a good report… — sorry, got distracted by this video making the rounds in Thailand of Enami swimming:


The elections that Enami had traveled to Thailand to cover did not go well. In what the New York Times called likely a “prelude to more political upheaval,” anti-government forces — mostly middle- and upper-class Thais seeking to replace an elected government with technocrats — disrupted voting, meaning additional elections will be required that could take months.

But look on the bright side: More news out of Thailand means more chances that an adorable Japanese reporter will cover them — something sure to give Instagram users like kungnutt, who compiled the tribute below, a happy distraction from all the dysfunction.

*Correction, Feb. 6, 2014: The original version of this blog post misspelled Daijiro Enami’s name as Daijimo Enamia. The spelling has been corrected. (Return to reading.)