Russian Daredevils Climb Shanghai Skyscraper

Russian Daredevils Climb Shanghai Skyscraper

About two weeks ago, Vadim Makhorov posted the spooky image below of two disembodied Shanghai skyscrapers to his Instagram account. The picture raised more questions than it answered. Where was it taken from and how did Makhorov get there?

On Wednesday, Makhorov and his climbing partner, Vitaliy Raskalov, answered those questions in, well, terrifying fashion. In the video below, they chronicle their hair-raising journey to the top of Shanghai Tower, which soars more than 2,000 feet above the city after which it’s named. The building is currently under construction, and Makhorov and Raskalov took advantage of that fact to sneak inside and make their way to the very, very top of the building. (In what I think is a pitch-perfect name for a pair of Russian dare-devil climbers, they call themselves “on the roofs.“) If you’re acrophobic, best to skip this one.

Here are some more photos from the duo’s ridiculous climb:

But the Shanghai caper isn’t the first time the pair have scaled high-rise buildings. During the summer of 2013, the two Russians traveled around Europe climbing the continent’s most iconic landmarks. Here they are atop the cathedral in Cologne:

Here, atop the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona:

And, here, from an earlier climb, a journey up the Shukhovskaya Tower in Moscow: