Rubio Gets the Priorities Right on Ukraine and the IMF

Rubio Gets the Priorities Right on Ukraine and the IMF

Thank you, Senator Rubio.  You have always believed in American Exceptionalism, and your principled actions continue to back your word.

Your opinion piece today expressing no objection to IMF quota reform in front of the Senate demonstrates once again why you are a leader in the Republican Party with a big future. Your willingness to step forward and support this bill, in spite of reservations, demonstrates your ability to find compromise in order to retain critical U.S. leadership.

Supporting a fix on IMF Quota Reform will ensure that the "World America Made" remains a world shaped by American leadership and values.

I wrote in favor of IMF Quota Reform as part of the Ukraine aid bill here at Shadow Government as well as at CSIS a number of times over the past week. Others have written about this as well.

Today, Senator Rubio stood above a lack of political will in Congress and signaled that he is voting for American greatness and American leadership.