Israel Releases POV Video of Special Forces Raid in Gaza

Israel Releases POV Video of Special Forces Raid in Gaza

Three weeks into fighting between Israel and Hamas, the two sides are releasing dueling Go Pro-style videos of their respective commando raids. On Tuesday, Hamas uploaded a video of its fighters mounting a deadly raid on an Israeli military installation from a tunnel complex. One day later, Israel released a video of Special Forces soldiers raiding a Gaza house.

That footage shows Israeli commandos swooping into a house in Shejaiya, a neighborhood in Gaza that has been the scene of the bloodiest fighting of the weeks-long conflict. While media coverage has mostly focused on Israel’s aerial bombardment of Gaza, Israeli forces have also been carrying out ground operations. Here, we get a glimpse — though not a terribly informative one — of what that looks like from the point of view of one of the Special Forces soldiers.

On Tuesday, Hamas released a similar video, which shows its forces emerging from a tunnel and attacking an Israeli military installation. Unlike their Israeli counterparts, Hamas appears more willing to broadcast their infantry tactics:

Another difference: The Hamas attack appears to have resulted in the deaths of numerous Israeli soldiers. The house in Gaza seems to have been empty by the time the Israeli forces moved in, though they do appear to have found the entrance to one of Hamas’s vaunted tunnels.