Can Models Dressed in Trash Save Dakar?

Can Models Dressed in Trash Save Dakar?

In this week’s Global Thinkers podcast, photographer and former model Fabrice Monteiro and FP staff writer Siobhán O’Grady swap stories about Dakar and the paradox of a community that values order in the home, yet ignores streets filled with trash.

About the participants:

Fabrice Monteiro is a 2015 Global Thinker and a Belgian-Beninese photographer whose haunting series, “The Prophecy,” highlights environmental devastation in his adopted home of Senegal. Fabrice dresses his models in elaborate costumes built partially from found materials, which signals the merging of humans and the pollution around them. A 20-minute documentary chronicling the project’s creation was shown at the 2015 New York African Film Festival. Follow him on Twitter: @fabricemonteiro.

Siobhán O’Grady is a staff writer at FP. Follow her on Twitter: @siobhan_ogrady.

This podcast was recorded at FP’s annual Global Thinkers celebration in Washington, D.C.

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