Battleground ’16: Last But Not Least

Battleground ’16: Last But Not Least

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton went into the third and final debate Wednesday night with an already sizable lead over her Republican rival, Donald Trump. Ninety-five minutes later, as the debate in Las Vegas came to a close, Trump appeared to have done nothing to dent her advantage — and even refused to commit to accepting the election results after the Nov. 8 vote.

Trump also tripped over his description of the landmark New START nuclear disarmament treaty as a “start up” and warned of “bad hombres” immigrating to the United States. He and Clinton traded accusations over who would be a “Russian puppet” in debating the limits of Moscow’s meddling — whether in Syria’s military campaign or alleged state-sponsored hacking against the American political system.

It may well be that the global community is already looking past Election Day, considering how Clinton will lead as commander in chief, and how she will break from the policies of President Barack Obama, a fellow Democrat. Americans have already begun early balloting, and otherwise will head to the polls over the next three weeks to cast their vote for the next president.

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On Russian Puppets, ‘Bad Hombres,’ and Maybe Rejecting the Vote: 2016’s Last Debate

Among the jaw-dropping moments in the Trump-Clinton shout-fest: The GOP nominee says he might not accept the presidential election results.



“I’d advise Mr. Trump to quit whining.”

— President Obama‘s advice on Tuesday to GOP nominee Donald Trump



In Georgia, It’s a New Civil War for the Grand Old Party

Donald Trump is pushing conservative Georgia into becoming an election battleground. But it might not be soon enough for Hillary Clinton.

ATHENS, Ga. — It was game day at the University of Georgia, and crowds sporting the football team’s red and black swilled Budweiser, tossed bean bags, and grilled burgers as Republican Sen. Johnny Isakson glad-handed supporters at a sunny tailgate for his re-election campaign. But anxiety still loomed over the idyllic setting in this solidly Republican state, torn over the top of the GOP ticket where presidential nominee Donald Trump sits scowling.



Senate Intel Chair Caught Between Russian Hacking and Donald Trump

Sen. Richard Burr is getting constant reports of Moscow’s election meddling, and he’s still clinging to Trump’s coattails.

HAMLET, N.C. — When Richard Burr, the Senate Intelligence Committee chairman, is home in North Carolina, he’s never more than a 90-minute drive from a secure phone line on which he can discuss secretive security issues facing the United States. But the tie that binds Burr to Washington is tripping him up in his tough re-election race this year.




The New York Times’ forecast for Clinton’s chance of winning the White House on Nov. 8.



Doubts Emerge Over State Department Denial on Clinton Emails

The Justice Department’s former privacy officer says there’s no good reason why a senior U.S. diplomat would ask the FBI’s deputy international operations chief about classification levels on one of Hillary Clinton’s emails.

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