By the Covers: How the Foreign Press Sees the U.S. Vote

By the Covers: How the Foreign Press Sees the U.S. Vote

On Tuesday (remember Tuesday?), Foreign Policy’s Elias Groll wrote up what some of the foreign newspaper covers had to say about the American presidential election. “Please not the Horror-Clown!” begged Germany’s Bonn Express. “The American nightmare … or the first woman?” asked Sweden’s Expressen.

Three days and one President-elect Trump later, let us revisit what the international press had to say.

“Obama — a new citizen like the others” says this Charlie Hebdo cover depicting citizen Obama running from police fire.

This Der Spiegel cover reads, “It’s the end of the world (as we know it).” No word yet on whether Der Spiegel feels fine.

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“Trump kidnapped America,” calmly states Poland’s Fakt.

“FUUUCK!” says Mexico City’s El Grafico.

And finally:

The BBC’s Steve Rosenberg noted an article in Russia’s Komsomolskaya Pravda in which a psychologist calls President-elect Donald Trump “a cowboy hiding dissatisfaction and feelings of low self-esteem.”

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