Invasion of the Jareds

Invasion of the Jareds

I rarely frequent posh places, but lately when I do, I am noticing young men who in attire, physique, and expression remind me of Jared Kushner, the youthful fellow who currently is the second most powerful person in the United States.

There is something uninquisitive about these guys. Two of them sat in a private club I was in the other day in Chicago where your scrambled eggs go for $18. They wore dark blue suits and an air of entitlement.

I don’t mind people who earn their wealth. Rather, I usually enjoy them — they tend to be curious people who are interesting to talk to. I noticed this especially when I had lunch with Warren Buffett many years ago.

But those who inherit it are almost always boring. They act as if they were born to rule, which in this country gives me the creeps. Where did they all come from?

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons