Reliefs, ousters, and military mischief-making by a general and various others

Reliefs, ousters, and military mischief-making by a general and various others


— An Army two-star was acting inappropriately with a female captain, despite warnings from his chief of staff and his command sergeant major. He now finds himself riding into the sunset with one less star.

— The legend of the USS Greenville continues: A Navy captain who skippered the ill-fated boat from 2007 to 2009 was convicted of a bunch of messy charges involving his relationship with an Italian girl described as younger than 16 years old. He got eight years in the pokey. (Refresher on the legend: In 2001, the sub surfaced under a Japanese fishing boat off Hawaii, killing nine people. Later that same year, as the previous skipper’s court of inquiry got underway, the boat ran aground in Saipan. And then, in 2002, the sub collided with another Navy vessel.)

— Another Navy sub skipper got bounced as well, after just six months on the job.

— Commander of a Marine heavy lift helicopter squadron in New River got yanked for failing to report an off-duty incident in which she was charged with assault in a domestic abuse situation with her wife.

— Meantime, the commander of the Engineering School at nearby Camp Lejeune got the big boot for the old school “lack of confidence” in his ability to command.

— A bunch of sailors from Naval Air Station Oceana, down on Tomcat Boulevard in Virginia Beach, Virginia, got their knuckles rapped for spilling 94,000 gallons of jet fuel, some of which wound up in a nearby creek. Imagine tossing one of them fish on the BBQ!

Photo credit: P.O. ARNAS/Flickr