Seyward Darby

Seyward Darby is a story editor at Foreign Policy. She was previously an editor for the New Republic and Transitions Online , a Prague-based web magazine covering the former communist space. She has written for, among other publications, the Atlantic, Vanity Fair, the New Civil Right Movement, and Balkan Insight, and she has also worked for Freedom House and Human Rights Watch. She has reported on diplomatic connections between Syrian rebels and Kosovo’s government, LGBT rights in Eastern Europe, and lackluster U.N. efforts to promote human rights in Burma. She holds a B.A. in English from Duke University and an M.A. in international relations with a concentration in human rights from Yale University, where she was a fellow with the Yale Global Health Justice Partnership, researching South Africa’s failure to compensate generations of gold miners suffering from tuberculosis, silicosis, and other occupational diseases. A native of eastern North Carolina, her peculiar name comes from this book .


What Are Africa’s New Missionaries Peddling?

2014 Global Thinker and visual artist Sam Hopkins joins FP contributor Michela Wrong to discuss the aid industry's skewed view of East Africa — and how artists can offer a better picture.


Is the World Losing a Generation of Syrians to Trauma?

FP contributor Lauren Wolfe and Wendy Young, head of Kids in Need of Defense, discuss the hardships children endure when they flee war — and when they cross U.S. and EU borders.

In Box

Epiphanies From Teju Cole

The Nigerian-American novelist discusses the pitfalls of hashtag activism, the destructiveness of U.S. foreign policy, and that time he dreamed about meeting Obama at a Brooklyn house party.


Why the Media Should Stop Talking About the “Worst Places” in the World

Mother Jones published a piece on Thursday with the headline, "You Thought It Was Tough Being Gay in Uganda. ‘It's Hell in Nigeria.'" This is ...


Pain Relief

UNHCR’s representative to Lebanon talks to Foreign Policy about the worsening refugee crisis that threatens to stretch the country to a breaking point.

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