Aaron Y. Zelin


ISIS Is Dead, Long Live the Islamic State

Will the declaration of a new caliphate unite the world’s jihadists -- or tear them apart?

The Middle East Channel

The Vocabulary of Sectarianism

As the conflict in Syria continues to spread throughout the Levant and adopt a broader sectarian tone -- Sunni Salafis on one side and Iranian-backed, ...


Al Qaeda’s Syrian Strategy

Can Islamic jihadists win hearts and minds in the war against Assad?

The Middle East Channel

Libya’s jihadists beyond Benghazi

While the security situation continues to worsen in Libya, over the past few months, Ansar al-Sharia in Libya (ASL) has been taking advantage of the ...

The Middle East Channel

The crowning of the Syrian Islamic Front

Hezbollah's victory in Syria in the Battle of Qusair was a wake up call for many pro-Islamist actors in the Arab world. In response, Qatar ...

The Middle East Channel

Meeting Tunisia’s Ansar al-Sharia

I walk through a Tunisian market around midday, at the entrance to the fortress of Sousse, a town about 90 minutes southeast of the capital ...


Uncharitable Organizations

Islamist groups are bankrolling terror groups across the Middle East and pretending it's aid work.

The South Asia Channel

#Jihad’s social media trend

From December 5, 2012 to January 29, 2013, al-Qaeda's top-tier forum Shamukh al-Islam was down (with a brief return for a few days after December ...


Rally ‘Round the Jihadist

The Obama administration slapped a terrorist designation on Syrian rebel group Jabhat al-Nusra -- but only managed to spark an anti-U.S. backlash among anti-Assad groups.


The Rise of Al Qaeda in Syria

The White House wants to marginalize radicals within the anti-Assad insurgency -- but does it have any leverage left with the rebels?

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