Alastair Crooke

The Middle East Channel

The flawed premises: two decades of failed state-making

Europe and America have shared a settled conviction over the last decades: It is that Israel, out of its own necessity, must seek to conserve ...

The Middle East Channel

The Arab awakening and Syrian exceptionalism

Cleavage in political culture between the domestic and external could not have been better illustrated than in President Bashar Assad's March 30 televised address to ...

The Middle East Channel

The expiration of the ‘Peace Process’: Where now for the Middle East?

A 'peace process' that, from its inception, took Israel's self-definition of its own security needs as the sole determinate of the walls within which any ...

The Middle East Channel

Iran and the end of deference

The additional sanctions which the Security Council imposed on Iran earlier this month, and the additional sanctions which the United States Congress passed last Thursday, ...

The Middle East Channel

Secretary Clinton’s cold shoulder on the Iranian fuel-swap deal

This week saw Iran formally submit its fuel-swap proposal, brokered by Turkey and Brazil last week, to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Yet it ...

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