Andrew Lebovich

The Middle East Channel

Confronting Tunisia’s jihadists

"You are not going to war against the youth, but against the religion of Allah." The statement, which appeared Sunday night on the Ansar al-Sharia ...


Mali’s Bad Trip

Field notes from the West African drug trade.

The South Asia Channel

Daily brief: Rockets strike Pakistani military academy

Editor's note: Today will be my last day writing the AfPak Channel Daily Brief. Starting next week, my colleague Jennifer Rowland will be writing it full ...

The South Asia Channel

Daily brief: Pakistan rejects U.S. account of deadly airstrike

Event Notice: Please join the New America Foundation's National Security Studies Program TODAY from 12:15 - 1:45 pm as we commemorate the life of Richard Holbrooke, ...

The South Asia Channel

Daily brief: France threatens early Afghanistan pullout

Wonk Watch: Steve Coll, "Looking for Mullah Omar" (New Yorker). Dangerous bloodshed French President Nicolas Sarkozy threatened to pull French forces out of Afghanistan early ...

The South Asia Channel

Daily brief: Pakistani PM charged with contempt

Crisis moment Pakistan's Supreme Court on Monday initiated contempt of court proceedings against Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani for the latter's failure to take steps ...

The South Asia Channel

Daily brief: Coup fears abound in Pakistan

Changing tides Pakistan's National Assembly will vote Monday on a resolution expressing confidence in the country's political leadership and democracy, as fears of a military ...

The South Asia Channel

Daily brief: Talks with the Taliban may resume soon

Fits and starts The Post reports that talks between the United States and the Taliban will resume as soon as they receive approval from Afghan ...

The South Asia Channel

Daily brief: Dozens killed in bomb blast in Khyber

Familiar devastation As many as 35 people were killed Tuesday when a car bomb ripped through a bus terminal in the town of Jamrud in ...

The South Asia Channel

Daily brief: Musharraf announces return to Pakistan

When Pervez comes marching home againSpeakingto a crowd of supporters in Karachi via video uplink, former Pakistani President and military dictator Pervez Musharraf announced Sunday ...

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