Berivan Orucoglu


Washington and Ankara Need Couples Therapy

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, whom Barack Obama once described as a “close friend,” no longer appears to enjoy that status. Under President Erdogan and ...


Turks, Lies, and Videotape

Today’s Turkey is a place where fictitious news reports live on long after they’ve been debunked.


Turkey’s Tomb Raiders

Turkey's mission to save an ancient tomb in Syria sheds unexpected light on Ankara's complicated regional entanglements.


Freedom of the Press for Beginners

Why some Turkish journalists have been celebrating the arrest of their colleagues -- and why that’s a huge mistake.


The Tsar Meets the Sultan

These days, Turkey's Erdogan looks more and more like Putin. Now, the two are teaming up to lash out at Europe.


Muslims Discovered the Americas, Claims Turkish President

It is becoming increasingly painful to write about Turkey these days. Every week, there is a controversial incident or statement from Turkey that is difficult ...

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About Berivan Orucoglu

Berivan Orucoglu is an award-winning Turkish journalist and a member of the Next Generation Leader program of the McCain Institute.



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